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Crime and Punishment Chapter 14

Raskolnikov fights his way through the crowd and sees a that a man has been run over. It is Marmeladov. Raskolnikov gets people to carry Marmelodov to the injured man's house. At the house, Katerina Ivanovna entertains Polenka, her ten year old daughter, with memories of her past, of how when she was a daughter of a respected civil colonel, she once did a shawl dance in front of a prince. Just then, Marmelodov is carried in and lain on the sofa. Raskolnikov summons for a doctor and promises to pay. Katernia Ivanovna gets to work on treating Marmelodov. She orders Polenka to fetch Sonia. Looking about the room, Katerina Ivanovna rebukes the curious crowd to show some respect for a dying man. She even confronts the landlady, Amalia Ivanovna, who complains about the commotion. Marmelodov, gaining consciousness, asks for a priest. The doctor notes that the man is close to death. The priest comes in and Marmelodov murmurs his confession. Polenka runs in, with Sonia right behind her. Sonia's clothes betray her profession.

After the confession, Katerina Ivanovna wonders aloud what is going to happen with the children now. The priest tells her to trust in God. Katerina Ivanovna silences the priest by telling him about the family's miserable existence on account of Marmelodov's drunkenness. Marmelodov tries to ask for Katerina's forgiveness, but she anticipates this and tells him that there is no need. Marmelodov catches a sight of Sonia from the corner of his eyes. With all his strength, he beckons Sonia to him. Seeing her in humiliating garbs, he asks for Sonia's forgiveness and dies in her arms.

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Raskolnikov tries to comfort Katerina by offering her more than twenty roubles and a promise that he will take care of her family's immediate needs. As Raskolnikov leaves, he runs into the police superintendent, Nikodim Fomitch. Raskolnikov assures him that everything is already taken care of with Marmelodov and his family. Nikodim Fomitch points out that Raskolnikov is covered with bloodstains. "Yes, I'm covered with blood," replies Raskolnikov ironically (p. 164). Raskolnikov feels a renewed sense of life, like a condemned man who has been pardoned. At the bottom of the stairs, Raskolnikov is stopped by Polenka, who is sent by Sonia to inquire of his name. Raskolnikov asks Polenka if she loves her sister, Sonia. She answers affirmatively. Raskolnikov asks if she would love him. Polenka puts her arms around Raskolnikov, rests her head on his shoulders, and weeps gently. Raskolnikov asks if she loves her father. She answers that the children always pray for their father and Sonia. Raskolnikov gives Polenka his name and asks her to pray for him too. She assents and gives him another hug. Raskolnikov promises to visit again. Approaching the bridge where the woman had jumped in, Raskolnikov cries triumphantly:

"Life is real! Haven't I lived just now? My life has not yet died with that old woman! The Kingdom of Heaven to her-and now enough, madam, leave me in peace! Now for the reign of reason and light...and of will, and of strength...and now we will see! We will try our strength!" Chapter 14, pg. 167

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Raskolnikov decides to go see Razumihin at the housewarming. Raskolnikov does not go inside, but Razumihin makes sure Zossimov looks him over. Razumihin, a bit drunk, lets Raskolnikov know that Zossimov and some others in the room are talking about his involvement in the murders. Razumihin admits that Zametov has told everyone about that conversation at the tavern. Raskolnikov begins to ramble incoherently about Marmelodov's death, meeting the family, and his renewed feelings on life. They both notice a light in Raskolnikov's room. Upon entering, they see Raskolikov's mother and sister. They have been waiting in the room for an hour and a half, worried because they heard Raskolnikov had gone out while sick. They run up to hug him. Having forgotten about their intention to visit, Raskolnikov is taken aback by a sudden change of emotion. He faints. Razumihin lifts him to the sofa; the women cry in terror. Razumihin assures them that Raskolnikov is alright. The mother and sister, having heard all that Razumihin has done for Raskolnikov, feel grateful for his presence.

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