Chapter 10 Notes from Crime and Punishment

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Crime and Punishment Chapter 10

After wrestling with strange thoughts for an unknown time, Raskolnikov finally wakes up. Nastasya and a messenger is at his side (his mother had sent money via telegram). Razumihin also walks in. Razumihin feeds Raskolnikov some soup and tells him that the landlady has provided for it. He also tells Raskolnikov that Zossimov, the doctor, had come by also. Razumihin explains the troubles he went through to find Raskolnikov, how he inquired everyone about his situation, and how he got the I.O.U. back from the landlady's debt collector. Raskolnikov finds out from Razumihin that he has been half-conscious for several days and that he has been raving about many things- his socks and the frays of his trouser, in particular-in front of Zametov, the head clerk of the police station. When he is finally left alone, Raskolnikov gets up frantically and wanders about the room, trying to remember everything while he was unconscious. He wonders whether they found out about that. He falls asleep again until Razumihin wakes him. Razumihin has bought him a whole new outfit with the money Raskolnikov's mother has sent. Zossimov, the doctor, comes in for a visit.

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