Chapter 10 Notes from The Chosen

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The Chosen Chapter 10

The summer months fly? by as Danny studies Talmud with his father and reads Freud in the library, and Reuven plays ball with his classmates and studies with his father. Mr. Malter sees the drastic advances made in Europe with the Second World War and travels to Manhattan for research on a new article. Danny's comprehension of German and Freud have advanced enough to confuse his mind with science.

During one of the regular Talmud games on Shabbat, Reb Saunders becomes irate when Danny's participation is less than fiercely enthusiastic. Danny chuckles because he has discovered the way to read Freud - he must study it, not simply read it. Much of the summer passes with Danny obsessing over and studying Freud with psychological dictionaries and Reuven studying mathematical logic.

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Reuven and his father go to their Peekskill cottage for the month of August for relaxation until Labor Day. Upon their return, Danny is ecstatic, for his missed his friend greatly. Danny had also gone on a trip to Lakewood with his father. Yet, this short trip elicited misery, for he and his father exchanged no words and sat for hours on a bus in utter silence. Danny had read the two books on contemporary Judaism given to him by Reuven and was also disturbed and confused by Freud's paper about sexuality.

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