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The Chosen Objects/Places

Yeshiva: A Yeshiva is a Jewish school where young children study both Jewish learning and English. Danny attends a Hassidic yeshiva, a school devoted entirely to Judaism.

Brooklyn: Danny and Reuven grow up in Brooklyn, a borough outside of New York City. Their community is fairly close-knit, and despite their different religious observance, they had never met before the baseball game. Since the baseball game, they become close friends and are able to walk to each other's homes and synagogues in Brooklyn.

Hasidic Jews: A Hasid is an extremely religious and observant Jew. Reb Saunders is the leader of the Hasidic community in which Danny resides. They live in a world frozen of Jewish customs that haven't seemed to have been changed for centuries.

Tzitzit: Tzitzit are the fringes that Hasids wear on their clothing.

Tzaddik: A tzaddik is a leader for the Hassidic community, but an innate leader of humanity. He possesses a deep and meaningful soul and has the ability to lead people. Reb Saunders is the tzaddik for his people and Danny is to follow in his footsteps.

Apikorsim: Apikorsim are what Hasidim refer to as Jewish goyim, or secular Jews. They seem to be the worst opposition for Hasidic Jewry and are cause for Reb Saunders and his followers to hate Reuven and his father. They believe in establishing a Jewish homeland without the coming of the messiah, in direct resistance to the Hasids.

Hirsch Seminary: Hirsch is the college to which both Danny and Reuven attend. It is the only institution of higher learning that gives both secular and religious education. It is here that Danny discovers experimental psychology as another positive outlet in which to study psychology and where Reuven excels in Talmud. Both boys graduate Summa Cum Laude from this university.

The library: Danny frequents the library, reading various books banned by his father. Mr. Malter recommends literature to Danny and allows him to develop his brilliant mind through personal exploration.

Peekskill Cottage: Mr. Malter and Reuven rest in their Peekskill cottage each August. They use this month to relax and catch up on sleep from their tumultuous years of studying and rallying in Brooklyn and Manhattan.

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