Book 1, Chapter 9 Notes from Cry, The Beloved Country

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Cry, The Beloved Country Book 1, Chapter 9

"All roads lead to Johannesburg." Chapter 9, pg. 52 Johannesburg is the only place to go for many people who need work, or a place to live, or a place to keep secrets. But Johannesburg is unable to support so many people. There are no rooms left, and few jobs pay enough to live on. There is an endless waiting list for housing, and the people who have houses are so poor that they are forced to rent to people they do not like or trust. Many people feel it was better in the rural villages: there may not have been much food, but it was shared by the community. Because there is nowhere else to go, Shanty Town is built. It goes up overnight, very cheaply, but the buildings will not be able to stand rain or winter, and there are still many problems for the poor: one woman's daughter dies because a doctor cannot be reached in time. No one can come up with permanent solutions.

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