Book 3, Chapter 34 Notes from Cry, The Beloved Country

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Cry, The Beloved Country Book 3, Chapter 34

The village is preparing for a religious confirmation when the man who usually brings the milk from Jarvis arrives early. He tells them that Margaret is dead. Kumalo is deeply upset, and he finally writes a letter of condolence to James, worrying over what is the right thing to say. He simply thanks James and his wife for everything they have done, and says he will pray for both of them.

After all the young people of the village have been confirmed, Kumalo sits alone with the Bishop. The Bishop suggests that Kumalo might leave Ndotsheni, because of all his troubles, and because he lives so close to James Jarvis. Kumalo will do what the Bishop asks, but he thinks he will die if he leaves the town he loves. Just then, a letter from Jarvis arrives. It says that one of his wife's last wishes was that a new church be built in Ndotsheni. Also, she was ill before her son was killed. (James does not want Kumalo to feel that Absalom caused her death.) Kumalo cries out in joy, and the Bishop agrees that it seems that Kumalo should not leave Ndotsheni. Stephen goes back to his house, where he finds people making a wreath for Mrs. Jarvis' funeral. They work very hard on finding the right flowers and making a card.

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