Book 3, Chapter 33 Notes from Cry, The Beloved Country

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Cry, The Beloved Country Book 3, Chapter 33

It is rumored that the sticks are for a dam, but no one knows how one could be built with the village's tiny stream. Jarvis is out of town, and no one comes for the sticks for a long time. Everyone seems fairly happy in Ndotsheni. One day the white boy comes again, to speak Zulu with Kumalo. Kumalo tells him, "When you go, something bright will go out of Ndotsheni."Chapter 33, pg. 248 The boy is not embarrassed-- he laughs. They laugh together, and Kumalo's wife is confused. She cannot believe her husband is friendly with the son of the man Absalom murdered. The man and boy enjoy each other until the boy sees that his grandfather is coming home, and rides off.

Outside the church is a young man, who says he is the new agricultural demonstrator. He has been hired by Jarvis, and he knows how to work the soil in Ndotsheni so that it will not be weak and hard. At dinner that evening, he lists some of his plans. They will build a dam for the cattle to drink from, and they will fertilize the soil with manure. The young white boy comes back on his horse to say good-bye to Kumalo, telling him he will return soon to learn more Zulu. After he has gone, Kumalo tells the others, "that is a small angel from God." Chapter 33, pg. 255 The agricultural expert tells Kumalo that his village can likely be restored, though it will take time and hard work.

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