Book 3, Chapter 31 Notes from Cry, The Beloved Country

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Cry, The Beloved Country Book 3, Chapter 31

Kumalo prays for the restoration of Ndotsheni, but he knows something more has to be done. He goes to talk to the chief of the village about it. The chief listens to Kumalo, but he has little to say, except that he has thought about Ndotsheni's problems and that they are difficult. Kumalo is humble, but he presses the issue. The chief does not even want to think about these problems-he would rather smile and pretend something has been solved. He says he will see the Magistrate, and Kumalo knows he will get no help from the chief. He prays for the chief, and for Ndotsheni. Then he goes to see the headmaster of the school, who merely tells him about all the farming techniques he knows. But all this information is not helping Ndotsheni, and Kumalo is discouraged. He goes home, and is shocked to see a small white boy riding his horse up to the house. Kumalo knows he is Arthur Jarvis' son. The boy is bold, and asks to see inside Kumalo's house. He asks him for milk, and is ashamed of himself when Kumalo tells him there is no milk in Ndotsheni. The boy is light-hearted and mature, and he tries out his Zulu vocabulary on Kumalo, who enjoys the lesson very much. They talk, then the boy asks what they do without milk. Kumalo tells him that the children die, and the boy goes away on his horse solemnly. The next day, cans of milk arrive from James Jarvis. They are to be given only to small children. Kumalo is struck dumb, and then he begins to laugh with joy.

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