Book 3, Chapter 30 Notes from Cry, The Beloved Country

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Cry, The Beloved Country Book 3, Chapter 30

On the train to Ndotsheni, Kumalo shows the excited girl all of the towns along the way. But he does not want to talk to anyone else, because he knows they will ask about his family and his travels. Once in Ndotsheni, he is very happy to be home. His wife welcomes him and Gertrude's son and the girl, and the girl cries with gratitude. "Something deep is touched here, something that is good and deep." Chapter 30, pg. 220 Everyone in the town is glad to see him, and this makes him very happy. Yet he also hears that the drought is so bad that no one knows what they will eat in the coming days. Inside the church, he knows he must pray with the people. They sing passionately and simply, and he prays for rain. Then he cannot avoid praying for his family. He asks for forgiveness on Gertrude's behalf, and when he hears a gossipy woman moan, he adds, "Forgive us all, for we all have trespasses."Chapter 30, pg. 224 Later, Kumalo talks with a friend. He tells him that though Absalom may be given mercy, he is condemned to hang. He tells him that Gertrude has deserted her family. He wonders whether he should even stay in Ndotsheni. His friend tells him that everyone in the town has grieved for him, and wants him to stay. Kumalo says he believes in God, despite all the cruelty in the world, because "I have learned that kindness and love can pay for pain and suffering."Chapter 30, pg. 226 The friend goes to tell Sibeko that his daughter is lost, but Stephen is careful to mention that Jarvis did not tell him that Barbara Smith did not care where she was. He wants Sibeko to know that Jarvis tried to protect them from this cruel sentiment. Inside the house, Kumalo says good night to the girl, and shows his wife the money Msimangu gave them. They will buy new clothes, and a stove. He begins to tell her about everything that happened in Johannesburg.

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