Book 2, Chapter 24 Notes from Cry, The Beloved Country

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Cry, The Beloved Country Book 2, Chapter 24

James goes back to his son's study. He marvels again at the books on so many different subjects, and read another of Arthur's manuscripts. This one talks about what it is like to be South African. It is easy, Arthur writes, to know how beautiful the land is, and how rich in culture, without knowing any of the secret hates and fears. He says that his parents taught him well and were kind to him, but he learned nothing about his country from them. At first this angers James, but he shakes it off and reads on. His son writes movingly about his decision to fight for justice, mainly because he cannot imagine doing anything else, even if he was hated by everyone who knew him. James reads these words carefully and then leaves the house, avoiding the bloodstain on the floor-not agonizing over it, just avoiding it.

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