Book 2, Chapter 19 Notes from Cry, The Beloved Country

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Cry, The Beloved Country Book 2, Chapter 19

John Harrison, Arthur Jarvis' brother-in-law, meets them at the airport in Johannesburg. He invites them to stay with him. He tells them that Arthur's wife and children are at his mother's house. They go to the police station to answer questions, then Margaret goes to bed, grieving. Harrison tells James that Arthur was a wonderful, intelligent, thoughtful and just man, who thought more about the plight of black South Africans than anyone. James knows very little about his son, but he is proud of him, and is comforted to hear about his life. Arthur was fearless, and totally committed to the cause of the natives. James is somewhat skeptical: he doesn't believe much in causes, religious or political. He goes up to bed, and talks with his wife about their son. They are proud of how many people are grieving over his death, and confused about why such a thing should happen to a man like him.

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