Book 1, Chapter 15 Notes from Cry, The Beloved Country

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Cry, The Beloved Country Book 1, Chapter 15

The young man comes to visit Kumalo. He feels bad for getting so angry, and he tries to keep his temper now, but Kumalo is such a good man, and yet so utterly helpless, that it infuriates him. Still he is patient: he tells Kumalo he must have a lawyer: not because the truth should be hidden, but because John can't be trusted. They go to see Father Vincent, who tells them about a lawyer who will only take a case that is entirely honest. He also agrees to marry the girl and Absalom, if it can be arranged in prison. Father Vincent tries to be hopeful, but Stephen is in despair. He wishes that someone in Johannesburg had cared about his son, had realized that he had loving but ignorant parents. He does not believe that Absalom can be helped now. Vincent tells him to go home and rest, and pray for Gertrude and the girl, but to leave Absalom's case to him and Msimangu, because he is too upset to think clearly about it. Kumalo is grateful, but Vincent only says, "we do what is in us, and why it is in us, that is also a secret. It is Christ in us, crying that men may be succoured and forgiven, even when He Himself is forsaken."Chapter 15, pg. 110

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