Book 1, Chapter 13 Notes from Cry, The Beloved Country

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Cry, The Beloved Country Book 1, Chapter 13

In Ezenzeleni, Kumalo is left alone to look out over the hills. This makes him feel better, somehow. He tries not to be afraid that Absalom killed Arthur Jarvis. He wonders whether his son might marry the girl, and prevent his grandson from being born illegitimately. He wonders how someone could kill another person. He cannot believe that his son could ever do it. He thinks about South Africa: he knows that the tribe is broken, and that huge changes are taking place, and he is awestruck and afraid. Msimangu calls him to lunch, and tells him he must not focus on these horrible thoughts any longer.

In Ezenzeleni, white and black people work together to help the blind. Msimangu preaches to them, and Kumalo is astonished at the beauty and power of his friend's voice. He feels that Msimangu is speaking to him, helping him find compassion and strength within himself. Some people have said that Msimangu is foolish, because he brings happiness to people who are unjustly suffering. But for Kumalo, Msimangu is a blessing, and he tells him so. His friend only replies that he tried in every way to help him, but only the word of God worked, so they should be thankful.

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