Book 1, Chapter 12 Notes from Cry, The Beloved Country

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Cry, The Beloved Country Book 1, Chapter 12

Everyone is afraid, and no one can enjoy their beautiful land. Many voices rise anonymously, suggesting different solutions for the troubles of their country. Some say that what is needed is more police protection. Some say the natives need better schooling. Some say that natives and the white people should be separated completely-down the parks they play in on the weekends. No one knows how there can be peace when there are so many more black people than white. White people do not want to give up their power, nor do they want to mingle with the natives. No one wants to think about these problems too much. "Cry, the beloved country, for the unborn child that is the inheritor of our fear." Chapter 12, pg. 80

The woman who had to kick Absalom out of her house comes to see Msimangu. She tells him that the police have come to her house looking for him, and she sent them to Mrs. Mkize. Msimangu is upset about what this might mean for Kumalo, but he knows that the law must be obeyed. He starts out to Mrs. Mkize's house, but Kumalo finds him leaving. He is so grateful to learn that Msimangu was going to try to deal with this himself, that Msimangu cannot be frustrated with him. They go back to all the houses they have just been to, and the police have been to all of them. Things look bad. The pregnant girl is afraid, but she agrees to call the Mission House if she hears from Absalom. Kumalo is nearly sick with shock.

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