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Cry, The Beloved Country Objects/Places

The Mission House: The place where Kumalo meets Msimangu and Father Vincent. Among them, he finds kindness he never could have imagined, and it is a place he can go for comfort when his life seems to be ruined.

Shanty Town: Black South Africans in Johannesburg are so poor, and the city so overcrowded, that they are forced to live in a neighborhood built out of spare pieces of metal and other materials. No one knows what they will do when the winter comes. Shanty Town is an example of South Africans' inability to confront a problem. They build places where people can live right now, knowing that it can't last.

Arthur Jarvis' study: Full of books and his own writings, Arthur Jarvis' study is an eye-opening place for his father James, who never thought much about 'the native problem'. The study is a place where James can go to understand his dead son, and learn how to continue his work toward racial justice.

The sticks: The sticks are for a dam that James Jarvis is having built for Ndotsheni. They represent his mysterious kindness: for a while no one in the village knows what the sticks are for, but they know that they are not supposed to touch them.

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