Chapter 9 Notes from Candide

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Candide Chapter 9

"What Happened to Cunégonde, to Candide, to the Grand Inquisitor, and to a Jew"

Don Issachar has a short temper. The narrator emphasizes this, saying no other Jew since the time of Babylon was as short-tempered as Don Issachar. Don Issachar gets really mad when he discovers Candide and he must share Cunégonde with yet another man. Candide kills Don Issachar in self-defense. The narrator describes this scene in terms reminiscent of an adventure novel or a romantic tale.

Cunégonde is confounded. Her comfortable arrangement is now messed up. The police will find out. Candide laments Pangloss's hanging and he naively thinks that, as a philosopher, Pangloss would surely know what to do. Candide turns to the old woman instead.

The Inquisitor arrives. Candide's instincts are impeccable. Without the aid of the old woman's advice, he predicts the Inquisitor will have him burned. Candide, who the narrator once called "gentle", tells himself he is in the mood to kill. He quickly stabs the Inquisitor. Cunégonde remarks that Candide's actions seem out of character. Candide gallantly attributes this to the unusual circumstances.

"'when a man is in love, jealous, and has been flogged by the Inquisition, he is beside himself.'" Chapter 9, pg. 35

The old woman takes charge and orders "the brave Candide" to prepare three horses for immediate departure. They must get going quickly, although she has only one buttock. Cunégonde collects her jewels. The old woman notes that the weather is perfect for traveling (although the weather is the least of their worries).

As they ride through the night, the Holy Hermandan, a Spanish brotherhood organized for policing purposes, discovers the murdered Don Issachar, who is thrown into a sewer, and the murdered Inquisitor who is buried in a grand church.

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