Chapter 15 Notes from Candide

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Candide Chapter 15

"How Candide Killed His Dear Cunégonde's Brother"

The Baron's son tells Candide that after seeing his parents murdered and Cunégonde raped, he was left for dead. Just before burying him, a Jesuit discovered he was alive. The Jesuit nursed him back to health. In no time he felt as though nothing happened. He became a Jesuit and had a homosexual relationship, which he describes as a "most tender friendship", with the superior of the house. The Baron's son goes to Paraguay to do missionary work for the Reverend Father who also happens to be a General. The Baron's son becomes a colonel and a priest.

The Baron's son remarks how grand it will be when he and Candide march into Buenos Aires as victors over the Spanish. But when Candide tells him he plans to marry Cunégonde, the Baron's son flies into a rage and strikes Candide. He declares that only a man of noble birth shall marry his sister. Candide stabs the Baron's son in self-defense. He cries as he withdraws his sword. Candide feels so bewildered; how could someone so gentle like himself have killed two priests and a Jew?

Cacambo dresses Candide in the Baron's son's clothes and they make their escape.

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