Chapter 13 Notes from Candide

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Candide Chapter 13

"How Candide Was Obliged to Separate from the Fair Cunégonde and the Old Woman"

The passengers affirm the old woman's theory. Candide boldly declares that if Pangloss were present, Candide would make a few objections to his philosophy of optimism.

They arrive in Buenos Aires. The governor has a haughty demeanor to match his long string of Spanish surnames. Unfortunately, Candide announces his intent to marry Cunégonde and the governor seizes an opportunity to beat him to the punch. While Candide is inspecting his troops, the Governor of Buenos Aires asks Cunégonde to marry him. She asks for fifteen minutes to think it over; the old woman reminds Cunégonde that though she has seventy-two quarterings, beggars can't be choosers. The old woman then praises the Governor's moustache, which he is in the habit of twisting.

The old woman sees a Spanish ship in the harbor in hot pursuit of the Inquisitor's murderers. She tells Candide to flee.

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