Chapter 10 Notes from Candide

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Candide Chapter 10

"How Candide, Cunégonde, and the Old Woman Arrived at Cadiz in Great Distress, and How They Embarked"

Candide, Cunégonde, and the old woman have slept at an inn. A reverend father Franciscan has stolen all Cunégonde's money and jewels. Candide wonders why the father didn't leave behind some money so they could continue traveling. Ironically, after just being freed from her masters, Cunégonde wonders how she will find other Jews or Inquisitors to support her.

A Benedictine friar cheats them out of what was really an expensive horse, and they depart. They arrive at Cadiz. A fleet prepares to sail to Paraguay to crush a Jesuit rebellion. Candide demonstrates to them that he is a great soldier by performing a Bulgarian military drill. Impressed, the Spanish make him captain of an infantry company. Two servants, Cunégonde, and the old woman go with him.

On board, they discuss Pangloss's philosophy. Candide naïvely hopes that the new world will fulfill the promise of optimism.

"'We are going to a new world,' said Candide, 'and no doubt it is there that everything is for the best; for it must be admitted that one might lament a little over the physical and moral happenings of our own world.'" Chapter 10, pg. 38

Cunégonde is not convinced. She has lost hope due to her many misfortunes. The old woman boasts that she has had a more terrible life. Cunégonde and Candide scoff at this:

"'[U]nless you have been raped by two Bulgarians, stabbed twice in the belly, have had two castles destroyed, two fathers and mothers murdered before your eyes, and have seen two of your lovers flogged in an auto-da-fé, I do not see how you can surpass me; moreover, I was born a Baroness with seventy-two quarterings and I have been a kitchen wench.'" Chapter 10, pg. 39

The old woman boasts that they would change their minds if only they got a look at her backside because one buttock, as she has mentioned twice already, is missing. This interests Candide and Cunégonde immediately. She starts to tell her story.

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