Chapter 30: Dunbar Notes from Catch-22

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Catch-22 Chapter 30: Dunbar

Dunbar deliberately drops his bombs past the village and becomes morose and disrespectful. Yossarian is lead bombardier again, with McWatt at the pilot controls. McWatt loves to fly and petrifies Yossarian with aerial tricks and near-misses. Yossarian threatens to strangle him if he continues to endanger their lives with his airborne antics. Back at camp, Yossarian lovingly makes out with Nurse Duckett on the beach while Nurse Cramer sits disapprovingly and the men play cards nearby. The prankster McWatt buzzes the beach with his low-flying plane and accidentally catches Kid Sampson's body in the propellers, tragically slicing him in half. Horrified, McWatt crashes his plane into a mountain in suicidal repentance.

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