Chapter 28: Dobbs Notes from Catch-22

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Catch-22 Chapter 28: Dobbs

With a rumors circulating about another dreaded mission to Bologna, Yossarian stealthily visits Dobbs to reopen the assassination plan for Colonel Cathcart. Having finished his sixty missions, Dobbs now rejects the murder-plot he originated.

Yossarian learns that Orr crash-landed in the water again during his hospital stay. The life jackets were useless because Milo had borrowed the inflating gas to make fizzy ice cream sodas in his mess halls. Blessed with mechanical genius and survival skills, Orr fished and rowed his crew to safety. Back in their tent, Orr annoys Yossarian by meticulously assembling a tiny stove valve. Orr tries to convince Yossarian to fly with him and reasons that his recurrent crash landings are good practice. He urges Yossarian to have Piltchard and Wren assign him to Orr's plane. Orr often goads Yossarian by refusing to tell him why a whore repeatedly struck his head with a shoe in Rome. If Yossarian will join Orr's flight, Orr promises to finally answer the riddle. Yossarian refuses, and Orr is soon knocked down into the water again on the mission to Bologna. Yossarian expects word from his pudgy-cheeked tentmate any day, but Orr does not return.

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