Chapter 26: Aarfy Notes from Catch-22

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Catch-22 Chapter 26: Aarfy

The incompetent navigator Aarfy gets lost on a combat mission and leads his plane over an unexpected patch of anti-aircraft fire. A burst of flak nicks an artery in Yossarian's leg. Rapidly losing strength, he pleads with Aarfy for help. Deaf to Yossarian's cries, Aarfy dumbly repeats that he cannot hear what Yossarian is screaming. He loses consciousness and awakens to find McWatt caring for his wound. Yossarian spends several oblivious days in the hospital and is joined by the faker Dunbar, who switched identities with a lower-ranking hospitalized soldier so that his bed could be nearer to Yossarian. Together they start making trouble for the nurses.

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