Chapter 21: General Dreedle Notes from Catch-22

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Catch-22 Chapter 21: General Dreedle

After the chaplain's visit, Colonel Cathcart is plagued by thoughts of the suspicious troublemaker, Yossarian. He remembers how Yossarian stood in formation butt-naked to receive an unmerited medal for the Avignon disaster. Snowden had been killed in Yossarian's plane during the Avignon mission and had spilled his guts all over Yossarian. The blood-soaked and traumatized bombardier stripped down naked and swore he would never wear a uniform again. Paranoid, Colonel Cathcart jots down a list of "Feathers in My Cap!!!" and "Black Eyes!!!" to tally his achievements and disasters and to see how many disasters he can attribute to Yossarian. He is an insecure man and requires constant reassurance from his assistant, Colonel Korn.

Just before the mission to Avignon, Yossarian interrupted the briefing when he saw General Dreedle's buxom nurse and moaned with lust. Dunbar and Nately joined in disobediently and soon the whole room erupted with a chorus of groaning "Oooooooooooohs." General Dreedle nearly squelches the moaning insurrection and restores order, but then Major Danby unconsciously mutters an "Ohhh" of frustration when the men fail to synchronize their watches. Enraged, Dreedle orders men to take Major Danby outside and shoot him. Though never carried out, Dreedle's insane order scared Danby. Colonel Korn takes over the briefing and Cathcart is unbearably jealous that Korn may be scoring points with General Dreedle.

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