Chapter 16: Luciana Notes from Catch-22

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Catch-22 Chapter 16: Luciana

Yossarian meets the strange, rude girl Luciana at the Allied officers' night club in Rome. She says presumptuously that Yossarian may dance with her and buy her dinner, but she will not sleep with him. When she visits him the next day, after their lovemaking, Yossarian impetuously asks her to marry him. She won't because she thinks he's crazy. Nately is depressed because he is in love with an apathetic whore and has spent all of his money on her. Flat broke, Nately's whore refuses to spend any more time with him. Yossarian tears up Luciana's address as she predicted, and then tries desperately to find her. Hungry Joe informs Yossarian that Colonel Cathcart has raised the number of missions to forty and, stunned, Yossarian abruptly checks himself into the hospital.

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