Chapter 15: Piltchard & Wren Notes from Catch-22

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Catch-22 Chapter 15: Piltchard & Wren

Captain Piltchard and Captain Wren gently reprimand Yossarian for abandoning the Bologna mission simply for an intercom malfunction. Colonel Cathcart arranges a second mission to Bologna and Piltchard and Wren assign Yossarian to fly lead bombardier. The planes are hit with heavy flak and Yossarian screams commands at his pilot, McWatt: "Climb, you bastard! Climb, climb, climb, climb!" Chapter 15, pg. 157 Aarfy dumbly intrudes into the nose of the plane where Yossarian is frantically working. An empty-headed ogre, Aarfy is oblivious to Yossarian's infuriated pleas that he get out of the way. Planes are hit and Yossarian worries that unlucky Orr has been shot down again. He is relieved when he spots Orr's mangled plane as it crash-lands safely. Yossarian takes an emergency rest leave in Rome and meets Luciana.

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