Chapter 6 Notes from Black Boy

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Black Boy Chapter 6

While searching for a job, Richard meets a white woman who tells him he should quit school, because he will never be a writer. Angered, Richard decides not to take the job; he cannot stand the ignorant woman acting as though she knows him.

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The family continues to struggle for Richard's soul, and even his mother says, "You ought to know God through some church." Chapter 6, pg. 150 He is brought to a church and singled out with a few other children as one who has not yet accepted God. The preacher goads the children into being baptized, since if they refuse their families will be humiliated. Richard feels ridiculous about it but feels obliged. The children attend church for a while, until they admit that it is a fraud and quit going.

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Uncle Tom is now living with them, and he and Richard do not get along. At one point, Tom asks Richard the time, and Richard tells him, saying, "even if that isn't right, it's not far wrong." Chapter 6, pg. 157 For some reason this infuriates Tom, who decides to beat Richard. Richard will not stand for it, and pulls out a razor blade. He claims that he will cut Tom rather than be beaten, even if he himself also gets cut. Tom is in shock, especially because Richard has just been baptized. Richard is never beaten, but the family is growing more and more fearful of him.

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