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King James Bible - Old Testament Zechariah

In the second year of Darius, God told Zechariah that He was displeased with the deeds of sons and fathers. An angel came to Zechariah who told him that God was upset with Judah. The angel had four horns. Zechariah saw a man who was going to measure Jerusalem. He predicted the fall of cities and their rebirth. Zechariah saw Joshua standing with God and Satan. Joshua had a crown on his head. He saw a woman in the midst of a sacrifice. He returned and saw four chariots with different colored horses. They went out to do the work of the Lord.

In the fourth year of Darius, God came to Zechariah and told him to speak to the people and tell them to follow His precepts. God promised to return to Jerusalem and make it prosper again. He promised to cast out the tyrants and punish other nations. He called for Israel to rejoice and knew that God would defend them. Zechariah announced that the idols were empty and the flocks had been scattered. God would gather them again. He promised to open a fountain in the house of David to cleanse the people. Then the people would turn to God. God promised to gather all the nations against Israel and be king over the earth. He would build a great house on a mountain and every house would worship Him. Heathens would be expelled.

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