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King James Bible - Old Testament Ezekiel

Ezekiel heard the word of God in the land of the Chaldeans. The sky opened and four men with four faces and four wings came down. All the living creatures fled from them. The noise of their wings was like terrible waters. God spoke to Ezekiel and told him that he was to be a prophet to rebellious Israel. He told him to go to the captive people and lead them back to righteousness. He told him to cut his hair and beard.

Jerusalem angered God and He promised to punish the city. The people were to lose their wealth and be judged. In the sixth year, God told Ezekiel that there were idols in His sanctuary. God was irate. He told Ezekiel to slaughter the heathens. Angels appeared again with terrible wings. Ezekiel was told to go into captivity with his people. God promised to destroy the walls of Jerusalem, despite the loyalty of a few. He explained that the people must be pruned just as a vine must be burned back. Israel had become unholy like other nations. She had become a harlot like her sister Sodom.

God gave Ezekiel the metaphor of a vineyard. He asked if it should be allowed to prosper even though it was twisted. He promised that Babylon and Egypt would fall but just men would survive. Fathers and sons would suffer for each other's sins. Israel was a healthy vine that went barren in the wilderness.

In the seventh year, God came again to Ezekiel and told him to tell the Elders to stop praying to Him and keep His laws. If they adhered to the covenant, they wouldn't have to pray to Him. They were destined to suffer and realize too late that He was the true God. He told Ezekiel to prophesy against Israel because it was wicked. He said "Thou shalt be for fuel to the fire; thy blood shall be in the midst of the land; thou shalt be no more remembered: for I the LORD have spoken it." Ezekiel, 21:32. Ezekiel was to judge the city of Jerusalem until God poured His wrath on the world. God explained that there were two sisters, Samaria and Israel. Samaria was a harlot and would be delivered into the hands of her lovers. Israel was the same.

In the ninth year, God came again to Ezekiel and told him to fill a pot with animal parts. He explained that this was what the carnage of Israel would resemble. He told him to prophesy against the surrounding peoples because they, too, would fall. Tyre would be brutalized and Ezekiel was to spread these words. In the end God would call back the loyal children of Israel and let them prosper. Africa will suffer with Egypt.

In the eleventh year, God came again and in the twelfth year as well. He told Ezekiel to tell the Egyptians that all people who think they are as strong as cedar-wood would be broken. A plague of destruction would end Egypt. The people still had the chance to flock to God's banner. After the destruction, the orchards would bear fruit again. In the meantime, the princes of Israel would go into captivity. God promised that a rebuilt Israel would be even more prosperous. The people and the land would be redeemed.

Ezekiel went to prophesy against other lands where there could be no escape. God showed him a man who told him how to watch and relay what he sees to Israel. He measured a wall, the court, the sides and the chambers of priests. The man led Ezekiel into the court and measured everything there. At the gate Ezekiel fell on his face and God said He would dwell with the children of Israel in this house on a mountain if they right their ways. He gave him new rules for offerings. The gate is only for God. The Levites were to enter the Temple and allow only clean men in. The sacrifices and priestly portions were to be restored. A sacrifice was to be prepared every morning. They went back into the house and God measured the waters and rivers. He named one river as the border for the tribes of Israel. God laid out the rest of the land and split it among the tribes.

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