Notes on Objects & Places from King James Bible - Old Testament

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King James Bible - Old Testament Objects/Places

Eden: The original paradise meant for man by God. Adam and Eve were expelled from here when they ate from the Tree of Knowledge. The prophetic books, especially, look forward to a return to this sort of paradise after the day of Judgement.

Tree of Knowledge: A tree in the Garden of Eden that Adam and Eve were not to eat from. Fruit eaten from it would 'bless' the consumer with the knowledge of good and evil.

Ark: Noah built the original ark for his family and animals to weather the destructive flood of God.

Covenant: An agreement made between man and God. There were three important covenants made with God by Noah, Abraham and Moses.

gentiles: Non-Jews.

Egypt: The nation centered on the Nile valley and the mouth of the river. Known for its fertility, it was the only land that did not suffer in 7 years of famine.

Pharaoh: The ruler of the Egyptians.

Jordan: A region north of the land God meant for Abraham, Jacob and Moses.

Goshen: The region in Egypt given by the good Pharaoh to the sons of Israel to farm.

Passover: The portion of the year that was to be kept in remembrance of the Israelites' deliverance from Egypt. Israelites were to eat no leavened bread for seven days.

Sinai : A mountain in the Middle East that Moses ascended to receive the Commandments of God.

Ark of the Covenant: The Ark that was built by Moses and Aaron after God led the Israelites out of Egypt. It was constructed to hold the tablets bearing the contract between God and man. In the book of Joshua, the Ark is used as a weapon. It is captured by the Philistines but later returned.

Moab: A land near Canaan where the Israelites camped during their forty-year journey. Also the region in which Ruth lived.

Philistines: Neighboring tribes with whom the Israelites were often in conflict.

Bethlehem : The city of King David's birth. It is the birthplace of Jesus in the New Testament.

Gilgal: The city where David was anointed.

Tyre: A city off the coast of Lebanon. It was a powerful merchant city until the time of Alexander the Great when it was utterly destroyed.

Israel: The land or country settled by the children of Israel.

Damascus: A city in Syria where Elijah took refuge. Its destruction was prophesied many times by Nehemiah and Isaiah.

Babylon: A great city that was located in modern-day Iraq. It also was the site of the tower of Babylon. Nebuchadnezzar brought the Israelites here in captivity. It also happens to be the site of Alexander the Great's death.

Jerusalem: The chief city of Judah and seat of the house of David. Jerusalem is a chief city in modern Israel and a site of contention between Israelis and Palestinians.

Seraphim: A type of angel.

Palestine: A kingdom near Israel.

Chaldeans: The people who lived in Chaldea, the region south of Babylon in modern day Iraq.

Sodom and Gomorrah: The wicked cities destroyed by God. Lot fled from them and lost his wife when she turned to look back.

Grecia: Greece.

plumb line: A tool used by carpenters to make straight lines.

Ninevah: A city on the Tigris River north of Babylon.

Edomites: The descendants of Esau. God tells the Israelites not to hate them.

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