Chapter 6, Part 3 Notes from Brave New World

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Brave New World Chapter 6, Part 3

Bernard and Lenina arrive via rocket in Santa Fe, New Mexico. They spend the night in a very nice hotel, but Bernard warns her that there will be none of the hotel amenities at the Savage Reservation. The Warden tells them of the electric fence surrounding the grounds. Lenina has already popped soma. He tells them that there is no escape from the reservation, that those who are born there are destined to die there. He describes the contents of the reservation: Indians, half-breeds, marriage, Christianity, superstitions, extinct languages such as Spanish, ferocious animals, diseases, priests, and lizards. Bernard wonders what it would be like to have a great affliction without taking soma, and Lenina persuades Bernard to take some soma. They fly to the valley of Malpais, where the reservation is located. They see electrocuted animal corpses around the fences.

The pilot of the helicopter tells Lenina not to worry, that the savages have enough experience with gas bombs to be of any danger to her.

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