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King James Bible - New Testament Galatians

The rest of the New Testament consists of letters between the heads of the Church. Galatians is a letter from Paul to Galatia.

Paul tells the people of Galatia that anyone who speaks of a Gospel other than his ought to be cursed and avoided. He promises that his words come from God and no other source. Paul went to Jerusalem with Barnabas and Titus. There, Titus was compelled to be circumcised. The Gospel of circumcision was given to him. He was told to remember the poor. Gentiles do not need to act as Jews, in reference to circumcision, as long as they believe in Christ.

Paul calls the Galatians foolish because they ignore the works of Christ. He redeemed men from the curse of law. Jesus supersedes the law. In Christ there is neither Jew nor Greek; all men are part of Christ. The heirs of Christ are not different: they are like children or slaves before a master. Paul writes that he is afraid for the Galatians because they do not understand the truth of Christ. Circumcision does not keep a man out of the body of Christ. Law is fulfilled only in following the Lord. He tells them to share each other's burden. Everyone must keep the laws whether circumcised or not. Circumcision does not make one holy.

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