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King James Bible - New Testament 2 Corinthians

Paul writes again to the Church at Corinth and speaks of Christ. Jesus must be understood with simplicity. Paul says that he has not come to Corinth but calls on God to witness his soul. He apologizes that he will not be coming soon but asks them to be happy in God. He asks them to command themselves. They should understand that the testament of God is written by the spirit of God rather than ink. God makes them all ministers of his word. They should open their hearts to the spirit. By hiding the Gospel, they deprive the ignorant of salvation. They must keep it alive. Although they are troubled, they are not distressed because God watches out for them.

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Everything may be lost in the future but heaven still remains. Men should be persuaded to know the truth of God and the terror. Love for Jesus will save men; he died so that everyone may live. Paul beseeches them not to receive the word of God in vain. Men should not give offence; the temple should not accept idols.

Whoever keeps the promises will be received by God. Paul says he does not reprimand them for their sins but rejoices that they have the conscience to feel bad. The grace of God is given to the churches because they give themselves to God. Whoever gathers much gathers nothing without God. He says it is superfluous to write of the saints but he who sows sparingly reaps sparingly. Every man should work according to his lot. Paul says that it is not a shame to terrify them with his letters because it is important to be in word as you would be in deed. He is like a parent who wishes to marry them to God as virgins without sin.

Paul promises he will not stop speaking the truth of God. He has been whipped, beaten and hit with stones for doing so. He has suffered for the work of God but escaped his jailers. He tells them that he knew a man of the church who spoke of heaven and glory. He said that the grace of God was not enough for a man. Paul says that the man became a fool in glorifying God but overcame this.

Paul writes that he fears when he comes to them he will not find them as he wants them to be. He promises, however, that he will come. The only proof he can give that he speaks the word of God may be found in their hearts.

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