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King James Bible - New Testament Acts

Acts is another record of the end of the life of Jesus. It is primarily focused on the deeds of the disciples in spreading the gospels. It was written by a man named Theophilus.

Jesus spoke to the Disciples for forty days after his resurrection. He told them not to leave Jerusalem until they got a sign from God. Peter spoke to the gathered disciples. Because Judas took his own life, they needed another man to replace him. Two were called: Barnabas and Matthias. Matthias was chosen. God's spirit overtook them and they could speak to any man in his native tongue. Peter spoke and said that this was the work of God. He spoke of Jesus' resurrection and called for the gathered people to repent of their sins.

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Peter and John went to the Temple and Peter made a lame man walk. Some people marveled at this deed, but Peter maintained that this was the work of God not a man. He told them to repent from them sins because through their action or inaction, Jesus died.

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The Pharisees told Peter to stop preaching but he would not. A man sold all of his property and gave it to the apostles. Another man sold some of his possessions and gave some of his money to the apostles. Because of his pretense, the man died. When questioned, his wife maintained his guises and died in turn. The Sadducees found the apostles healing and threw them into prison. They escaped and said they would obey God. The Pharisees decided to kill the apostles because they would not stop.

The apostles picked seven of their number to deal with bureaucratic work so the rest of them could minister. One of them, Stephen, performed great miracles. Some of the synagogue set up false witnesses to claim that Stephen was a blasphemer. The high priest questioned Stephen and he said that Jesus had been among the Jews from Moses through David and that Jesus was at the right hand of God. They stoned Stephen to death.

Philip, another of the seven, went to Samaria and performed miracles. A man was amazed by the miracles of Peter. He asked how he could get such power and Peter chastised his lust for grandeur. At God's bidding, Philip went to Gaza and found a Eunuch reading a book of a prophet. He preached the word of God.

A man named Saul was persecuting the Christians. He went to Damascus and was overcome by God. He met a disciple who called him brother. Saul preached in a temple at Damascus and enraged the Jews. A man named Cornelius had a vision of God and sought Peter. He was baptized and became a disciple. The Gentiles began to hear the word of God. Peter said that it was right and they could be brought into the church.

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The disciples moved the church to Antioch where many people from all around the world came to worship. Herod opposed them and killed many of the disciples. Peter was put in prison but angels freed him. He joined the others and Herod was irate. When King Herod went out to speak to his people, the angel of God destroyed him.

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The word of God spread from Antioch. Barnabas and Saul went to other cities to preach. Paul went to other synagogues and spoke the word of Jesus. He told them that with Jesus and God all things are possible. Gentiles sought Paul and asked that these words might be heard by them on the next Sabbath. The Jews spoke against this but the Gentiles believed. Paul and Barnabas were expelled. In another city both Jews and Gentiles believed the word. Some of these people were persecuted by their leaders. Paul healed a crippled woman.

A priest of Jupiter was going to to make a sacrifice to his god but Paul told him not to. Paul and Barnabas wondered if one had to be circumcised to be in the church. They argued that God chose the Jews and made them his people. They decided to tell the Gentiles to become circumcised and keep the commandments. They sent letters and messages out. A disciple named Timotheus was circumcised and went with Paul. A vision told Paul to go to Macedonia and he did. He baptized a woman who carried on their customs. Paul was put into jail. That night he prayed to God and there was an earthquake. They escaped. He preached in a synagogue. Many Gentiles believed his words but the Jews did not. They assaulted a house to find him.

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In Athens Paul met with many philosophers. He taught them about Jesus. Many mocked him but some believed. He went to Corinth and taught many. The Jews there took him to court and told the judge that Paul was stirring up trouble. This did not move the judge. Paul left Greece.

Paul went to Ephesus and was challenged by the followers of other gods. He converted many. He returned to Macedonia and brought a boy back to life. He planned to return to Jerusalem. He preached to Greeks and told them to repent and learn the words of Jesus. He traveled to Jerusalem and said that he meant to die in Judea. Paul entered the Temple and the Jews laid their hands on him, planning to kill him. A captain let him speak. He told them in Hebrew that he was not being fairly treated. He told of Saul's conversion and overcame the people.

He asked if it was lawful for him to be put to death uncharged. The head priests called for his death. The Pharisees would not have him killed. Another group of Jews made a conspiracy. Paul heard of this and a centurion provided him with protection. More priests turned against Paul but he told them he only spoke the word of God. The governor told the centurion to guard Paul. Paul remained in this prison state for two years. Paul went to be judged in Jerusalem. He spoke to the King and said it was not lawful for him to be killed without judgment. Paul asked to appeal to Caesar. The king gave Paul license to speak freely.

Paul explained that he was accused merely for speaking the word of God. The king sent Paul to Caesar. On the boat they were becalmed without sun or stars. An angel of God told Paul not to fear. The ship sank but Paul was taken by his guard into a barbarous land. A poisonous snake bit him but it did not hurt him. Paul healed a sick man. He arrived in Rome and spoke to the chief of the Jews. He revealed to them the word of God and the life of Jesus.

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