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King James Bible - New Testament Revelations

The book of Revelations is allegedly the revelation of Jesus as given to John by an angel.

Whoever reads this book is blessed. Jesus is the beginning and the end. He saw seven golden candlesticks, one like a man with white hair and brass like feet. Jesus imagined seven stars in his right hand. The seven stars are the angels of the seven churches. The candlesticks are the seven churches. Jesus turns to the seven churches. He knows the works of one. He asks them to repent. He knows the words of another and asks them to be faithful. In another church some sin: they keep idols and fornicate. He promises that whoever is righteous will be clothed in white raiment. Whoever hold the key of David opens the door that never shuts. Jesus will make those who overcome sin pillars of the church. He promises that he will spit out those who are lukewarm. He warns people to hear his voice.

Jesus looks and sees a door in heaven. A throne made of jasper and sardine stone. He sees twenty-four seats and twenty-four elders with a sea of crystal before the throne. There are four beasts of eyes before it. One is a calf, another a lion, a third has a fist of a man and the fourth is an eagle. They all sing to God. There is a book with seven seals. No one is worthy to look in it. Jesus comes to look in it. The lamb has seven horns and seven eyes. He opens the book and everyone sings. The first seal opens with thunder. A white horse appears, a conqueror. The second seal yields a red horse. In the fifth there is death; souls are slain for the word of God. Each receives white robes. The sixth brings an earthquake. The world crashes together; the sky falls. There is a great day of wrath to come.

Four angels stand on the four corners of the earth. The winds stop. They say not to hurt the earth. 144,000 of the tribes of Israel sit around. Behind them is a multitude crying out to God. The seventh seal brings a half hour of total silence. Seven angels stand before God with trumpets. Incense is burned. Angels sound the trumpets and bring death and destruction everywhere. The fifth angel brings a bottomless pit into which everything falls. The four angels are loosed to slay a third of men. Beasts accompany them. The men who survive this do not repent. Another angel descends and roars. A voice speaks and asks for these things to be sealed in a book and the book was given to John.

A rod is given to measure the altar and temple. The seventh angel sounds his horn and the elders give thanks. The temple of God is opened in heaven. A woman appears with child. A seven-headed dragon is ready to devour the child. The angels fight the dragon because it is the Devil. They overcome it and cast it into the earth. Because of this, it persecuted the woman and all of her daughters.

On the sea a beast, part leopard, dragon, lion and bear, rises up. Some men worship the beast. Another beast rises with two horns. It speaks and does great wonders. It deceives men. Its number is "six hundred six score and six" Revelations, 13:18. Jesus sees a lamb on a mountain. Angels sing to worship it. Angels sing of his power. One angel thrusts his sickle into the earth. Wine presses press blood.

Seven angels have seven plagues. They sing of Moses. One of the four beasts gives the angels seven vials of God's wrath. A great voice tells the angels to go pour their vials out. They do this and destroy men and their kingdoms. With the seventh, a voice comes out of heaven and says that everything is done. The angels take him to see a woman dressed in purple. She is tattooed with the words "Babylon, mother of Harlots". The seven hands of the great beast are seven mountains. Seven Kings sit on them. Five have fallen, one exists and one is to come. There are ten kings without kingdoms. The woman is the city that reigns over the earth.

Another angel comes down and says that Babylon has fallen. The merchants of the earth weep. Fine gods go to ruin. All that will remains is truth and righteousness. The twenty-four elders fall on their knees and worship God. Jesus falls on his knees and worships. He sees an Angel in the sun. All the armies of the world gather to make war against the beast. It is defeated.

An angel comes down from heaven and casts Satan into the bottomless pit. The dead live again after a thousand years. Satan will be loosed out of his prison and deceive the nations. There is a great white throne. All the dead stand before God. He judges every man. Who is not judged good is cast into the fire.

After this, John sees a new city. It was prepared for the righteous. God tells him to write down all these words for the faithful. The city is made of precious metals and stones. There are three gates on each side. There is no temple because God and Jesus are the temple. John sees a pure river of water coming from the throne of God. After the fall there will be no more curse. Whoever keeps the prophecy of this book is blessed. If it is not kept, man will lose the book of life. Jesus promises to come again soon.

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