First Epistle of John Notes from King James Bible - New Testament

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King James Bible - New Testament First Epistle of John

John writes to those who have already heard the words of Christ.

All men sin; all men can do is confess their sins. If anyone says that he has not sinned, he is a liar. With Jesus, man may really move away from sin. They must keep his commandments. Who does not keep all the commandments is in the dark. All must live as brothers. The world passes away but God does not. The Antichrist will come. There are many Antichrists. Men must avoid them and embrace God to receive eternal life. God has given love to men and they should keep this by avoiding sin. The Devil is the father of sin. Sons of God do not sin. Whoever hates is a murderer. Men should sin neither in word nor in deed.

Jesus' one commandment is that men should love one another. They should not believe false spirits but hear the Gospel of God. God is love. Whoever loves knows God. Whoever hates his brother cannot be one with God. Men should keep God's laws. John beseeches them to stop sinning and stop the sins of their brothers. Men should stay away from idols.

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