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King James Bible - New Testament Epistle of James

James writes to the Twelve Tribes of Israel.

James exhorts the twelve tribes to work in patience: that the high be made low and the low be made high. The man who endures temptation is blessed. Every man is tempted. He who is tempted usually sins. God granted them truth. Men should not show wrath because rage is not righteous. A man who hears the word but does not act is bad. A man who merely speaks religion, speaks in vain.

If a rich man and a poor man comes to their home and the rich man is treated well they are partial. Therefore, they are judges with evil thoughts. Who keeps all the law except for one part transgresses against it all. Faith should be evident in works. In this way, a man may be more perfect. There are no masters but only servants of the same body. A man's tongue can be more evil than a deed. A wise man must prove his wisdom with wise works.

The people war and fight and ignore the scriptures. They must submit themselves to God. He who knows what is good but does not do it sins. Riches are corrupt. Rich men live in pleasure on earth but will be condemned in death. Men should not have grudges against each other. They should not swear by heaven. The afflicted should pray. The merry should celebrate God. Men should count their faults. Whoever converts a sinner from error saves his soul from damnation.

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