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King James Bible - New Testament Hebrews

God once spoke to men through the prophets. Then he spoke through his son. He asked for everyone to worship him as the only God. All who do not will perish. Men ought to give more heed to these words. God speaks through angels and miracles. Man is a little lower than the angels and so was Christ as a man. Men should trust in him. His suffering and temptation made salvation possible for men. Jesus is worthy of more glory than Moses. Men should not have hard hearts but they should avoid evil. Moses grieved with the sinners for forty years and did not abandon them.

Men should fear being left alone by God; they should truly hear the Gospel. They should rest on the seventh day. The word of God is quick and no creature may deceive him. Jesus knew personally the temptation of sin but resisted it. Priests must have compassion for the ignorant. Jesus was not a priest but he showed others the way of righteousness. In the doctrines of Christ, men move closer to perfection. God made a covenant with Abraham. The order of priests follows ancient rules. Abraham made a King the first priest. The priesthood was given a tenth of everything just like the Levites. The priesthood has changed since that time because Jesus came out of a tribe other than Levi. The new order of priests is like the ancient: they are made not born like the Levites.

Jesus is the highest priest. He was ordained by God like Moses. New covenants are made and old commands fade away. The first covenant had a holy sanctuary. The new one does also, but without the sacrifices. Moses blessed the commandments with blood sacrifices. Jesus enters not into a man-made sanctuary but the sanctuary of heaven. He sacrificed himself not an animal. The sacrifice of bulls and goats cannot take away sins. Jesus was the ultimate sacrifice. Men have been consecrated by his flesh; they should make no other sacrifice.

Faith is the most important substance of religion. All of the ancient leaders had faith in God. So did the great prophets. The people must have faith in Jesus. Men ought not to sell their birthright for food. They should not let themselves be deceived. Jesus is the mediator of the new covenant. His words are the vessel. Men should continue to love their brothers, remain subjects to their masters, avoid strange doctrines, follow God, pray, and God will make them more perfect.

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