2 Timothy Notes from King James Bible - New Testament

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King James Bible - New Testament 2 Timothy

Paul writes again to Timothy.

Paul desires to see Timothy. He tells him not to be ashamed of the word of God. He should clutch to the word. He asks for mercy for those who turn away from him. He tells Timothy to be strong. The man who labors hard will partake in the first fruit. This is reason Paul labors so arduously for God. If they suffer, they will reign with God. Men should purge themselves from evil and embrace good. Timothy must flee lust and sin and dodge the shafts of the Devil.

The last days will be perilous. There will be many men who persecute the good but God will deliver them. All this scripture comes from God so that a man who follows him may be more perfect. Paul charges Timothy to preach the word and teach men to endure. There are those who will turn from the truth but Timothy must continue to fight the good fight. He sends some of the apostles to help him. He prays that God will deliver him and asks Timothy to come before winter.

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