1 Thessalonians Notes from King James Bible - New Testament

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King James Bible - New Testament 1 Thessalonians

Paul writes a letter to the Church in Thessaly with Timotheus.

Paul and Timotheus call on the Thessalonians to keep the word of Jesus in Macedonia. They tell them that they will come and exhort them to follow Jesus truly. They ask them to remember the lengthy labor of God's prophets. Jews struck the prophets down just as they struck down Jesus. They speak of the end of Timotheus' trip to Athens. There, he preached the devotion of the Thessalonians. They beseech them to walk in the way of God and keep the commandments. God has called them into holiness not sin.

They recount the sins they should not commit and encourage them to learn the commandments so that they may not transgress through ignorance. They remind them that God will come and they will receive salvation through his light not the darkness of ignorance.

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