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King James Bible - New Testament Objects/Places

Holy Spirit: The spirit of The God that comes to Earth and inspires men.

Emmanuel: A name for Jesus given in the Old Testament.

Angel: An agent of God. Angels are neither men nor deities. They are often messengers but are also creatures of destruction.

Bethlehem: The city of Jesus' birth. It was also the city of David. This is why Joseph was reporting there for the census.

Jews: The chosen people of God in the Old Testament.

Judea: Although once part of Israel, Judea was split from the rest of the Jewish lands.

Centurion: A captain or officer in the Roman army.

twelve disciples: The twelve disciples were the twelve full-time attendants or follows of Jesus.

Sabbath: In Genesis, God rested on the seventh day of creation. In remembrance of this. Jews were supposed to rest on the seventh day of the week.

Gentile: A non-Jew.

resurrection: Jesus' rising from the dead.

Passover: The portion of the year that was to be kept in remembrance of the deliverance from Egypt. Israelites were to eat no leavened bread for seven days.

Son of Man: Another name for Jesus.

census: The reason May and Joseph were going to Bethlehem. Augustus Caesar ordered a census of all Roman controlled territories.

Samaritan: A man from Samaria.

Levite: A member of the tribe of Levi. This tribe was set apart by God to be priests in the Old Testament.

Samaria: A region east of Israel.

Messiah: The savior, another name for Jesus.

Calvary: The hill on which Jesus was crucified.

Jerusalem: The chief city of Judah and seat of the House of David. Jerusalem is a chief city in modern Israel and a site of contention between Israelis and Palestinians.

Temple: The Temple was the primary place of worship for the Jews. The first was destroyed when Babylon overcame Israel. The Romans destroyed the second after Jesus.

Pharisees: Jewish law-makers and scripture interpreters.

Apostles : The original heralds of Christianity. They went from city to city speaking of Jesus.

Sadducees: Lawmakers and doctors for the Jews.

Damascus: A city in Syria.

Antioch: A city in Asia-minor.

Macedonia: A region north of Greece.

Athens: The city on Attica in Greece.

Corinth: A Greek city north of Athens.

Ephesus: A Greek city on Asia minor.

Last Supper: This occurred on the night of the Passover Feast. It is when Jesus broke bread and shared wine. It is also when he revealed that he was going to be betrayed.

Communion: A ceremony repeating Jesus' actions at the last supper. Communion is still a vital part of Christian service today.

Galatia: A city in the Aegean.

Gospel: Gospel with a capitol G is what the teachings and life of Jesus came to be known as.

Psalms: A collection of spiritual poetry in the Old Testament.

Philippi: A city in the Aegean.

Colosse: A city in the Aegean.

Thessaly: A city in Western Greece.

Twelve Tribes: These are the twelve tribes of Israel led out of Egypt by Moses. They were descended from the twelve sons of Jacob, the son of Isaac, son of Abraham.

Sodom and Gomorrah: The wicked cities destroyed by God. Lot fled from them and lost his wife when she turned to look back.

Anti-Christ: The label that came to be applied to the devil and anyone who opposed Jesus.

Israel : The region the Jews settled after they came out of Egypt.

commandments: These were ten laws given to Moses for the Jews by God. If they kept these laws they were going to be victorious and happy in their promised land.

Lord's Prayer: A prayer given by Jesus to the disciples. See quotes.

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