Chapter 11 Notes from Beloved

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Beloved Chapter 11

Beloved's presence starts to have an effect on Paul D; he starts sleeping further and further away from Sethe, eventually winding up in the cold room off the side of the house. He thinks it's the restlessness he's experienced before, but he loves Sethe and doesn't want to leave her. He isn't ready to walk away, but he can't sleep in the house. He realizes something else is making him want to move, so he waits to find out. One night Beloved comes into his room and tells him to "'touch [her] on the inside part and call [her] [her] name.'" Chapter 11, pg. 116 He tries to resist, but he can't help himself. Having sex with Beloved unlocks the tobacco tin, releasing all the pain and misery of the horrible memories he had locked away.

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