Summer: So it was. Notes from The Bluest Eye

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The Bluest Eye Summer: So it was.

So it was.

Claudia and Frieda remember what things were like after Pecola had her baby. The baby was born prematurely and died. Everyone talked about Pecola; some even laughed at her. Pecola was completely damaged, and spent her days walking up and down the street, pretending to be a bird, but unable to fly and reach the blue sky she has always dreamed of reaching. It says she "[beat] the air, a winged but grounded bird, intent on the blue void it could not reach - could not even see - but which filled the valleys of the mind." pg. 204

Topic Tracking: Culture 10

Claudia and Frieda have stopped talking to Pecola, Sammy left town, Cholly died in the workhouse, and Mrs. Breedlove still works for rich, white folks. Pecola still lives in the little brown house at the edge of town with her mother. Claudia comes to the revelation that Cholly was the only person who truly loved Pecola. She justifies this by saying that he loved Pecola because he could understand and relate to her feelings of inferiority placed on her by white society. Claudia finally observes that it was not her fault that the marigolds did not blossom that fall. Some soil is just not meant for certain seeds. "This soil is bad for certain kinds of flowers." pg. 206 She realizes the sadness of the fact that some flowers are not meant to blossom and bear fruit. It is not their fault; it is just the way things are.

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