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The Bluest Eye Summer: Look, Look...

Look, Look . . .

There is an excerpt from a first grade reading book. It tells about the perfect little white girl, Jane, and how she has a friend that will come and play with her. They will play a good game together. This parallels the imaginary friend of Pecola's described in this section.

Pecola and her imaginary friend have a discussion about Pecola's new blue eyes. Pecola truly believes that her eyes are now blue, and she only cares that they are the bluest eyes in the entire world. She even hopes that everyone is jealous of her new eyes. She has, in a sense, driven herself mad because of these blue eyes. Now that she has these nice, pretty blue eyes, maybe she will be accepted as she always has wanted to be, and not seen as the ugly little brown-eyed black girl she has always wanted to get away from.

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While talking with her friend, they discuss how Cholly and Sammy are both now gone. They also discuss how Pecola was raped a second time by her father. However, she never told anyone about it because she knew that no one would believe her, and that she wouldn't be seen as the victim. So, she keeps it inside, along with all of her other hopes and fears and develops this imaginary friend to talk to about her problems.

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