Here is the house. Notes from The Bluest Eye

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The Bluest Eye Here is the house.

Here is the house.

This first part of the book is taken from a traditional American children's reading book, often used in elementary schools to teach children how to read. It describes a typical white American family. There is a very nice Mother, a strong Father, a friend, a cat, a friendly dog, a pretty little girl named Jane, and they all live in a very pretty green and white house with a red door. This family is described as being happy and everything is in order; they are picture-perfect.

This excerpt from the children's book repeats itself. However, this time, there is no punctuation. The sentences run on and on together and capital letters disappear.

Finally, the paragraph repeats itself a third time. This time, the sentences run on and on together, but the spaces between the words have now disappeared along with the punctuation.

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