Chapter 28 Notes from The Age of Innocence

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The Age of Innocence Chapter 28

Beaufort is ruined. He and his wife are dishonored because he had continued to do business even after he knew that his bank would fail. Mrs. Mingott has recovered from her stroke, but she orders that no one is ever to mention the Beauforts to her again.

Ellen sends a telegram announcing that she will arrive the following evening. The Wellands argue about who will have to pick her up from the train station. Archer, to Mrs. Welland's relief, offers to go.

As May drives Archer partway to the train station, she asks him how he can possibly pick up Ellen when he has to catch his own train to Washington. Archer tells her that he has decided to postpone his business trip. May, though, isn't content with his answer; she continues to ask questions. She had seen a note from Mr. Letterblair to her mother describing the upcoming business in Washington, and wonders why Archer is not going to go. Archer feels defensive; he tells her that it's convenient for her family that he decided to stay.

When they say good-bye, May has tears in her eyes.

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