Chapter 27 Notes from The Age of Innocence

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The Age of Innocence Chapter 27

Julius Beaufort is in serious financial trouble. The day after Thanksgiving, Archer and Mr. Letterblair talk about the problem. The fortunes of many members of society, including the Marchioness Manson's, are tied up in his banking business.

A messenger brings Archer a telegram from May. She tells him that Mrs. Manson Mingott had a stroke, and asks him to come immediately. When Archer arrives, Mrs. Welland takes him aside to tell him the story. The night before, Regina Beaufort visited her aunt, Mrs. Mingott, to ask the Mingott family to help her husband through the crisis. Mrs. Mingott refused to lend the money, but the shock of the news was too much for her. Soon afterward, she had a stroke.

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Mrs. Mingott wants to send a telegram to Ellen, asking her to come immediately. Although the family doesn't want to see Ellen, May asks Archer to send the telegram. As he leaves, she tells him that she thinks it a pity that he and Ellen will miss seeing each other. Archer had learned earlier that morning that his business in Washington was postponed, but he had made up his mind to see Ellen anyway. From this comment, he knows that May still expects him to go to Washington, even though Ellen will be in New York while he is down there.

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