Act 2, Scene 3 Notes from Antony and Cleopatra

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Antony and Cleopatra Act 2, Scene 3

Antony, Caesar, and Octavia enter. Antony tells Octavia that he will sometimes be taken away from her by his work, and she promises to pray for him whenever he is gone. He also says that he has not always followed the rules, but from now on he will. Caesar and Octavia say goodnight and exit.

A soothsayer enters to speak with Antony, warning him to go back to Egypt quickly. Antony asks who will be luckier, he or Caesar, and the soothsayer says that Caesar will. Antony's guardian angel, he says, is noble and courageous except when Caesar is nearby, out of fear; therefore Antony cannot be protected when he is around Caesar. Antony tells the soothsayer to leave and tell Ventidius that he wants to speak with him. Left alone, Antony worries that although Caesar is not as skilled as he is, he is luckier, and would win were everything left up to chance. He decides to leave for Egypt, as the soothsayer has asked him:

"And though I make this marriage for my peace,
I' th' East my pleasure lies."
Act 2, Scene 3, ll. 40-41

Ventidius enters and Antony tells him to go to Parthia.

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