Act 5, Scene 1 Notes from Antony and Cleopatra

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Antony and Cleopatra Act 5, Scene 1

In Caesar's camp in Alexandria, Caesar, Agrippa, Dolabella, Maecenas, Gallus, and Proculeius enter. Caesar sends Dolabella to go tell Antony to yield to him, and Dolabella exits. Dercetus enters, carrying Antony's sword. He introduces himself as Antony's loyal follower, and tells Caesar that as he served Antony when he was alive, he will now serve Caesar if it please him, and if not, he is ready to offer his life. Caesar asks if Antony is dead, and, when confirmed, says,

"The death of Antony
Is not a single doom; in the name lay
moiety of the world." Act 5, Scene 1, ll. 17-19

Dercetus tells Caesar that he died by his own hand. Agrippa and Maecenas comment on Antony's death, saying that it is strange that the thing they have been pursuing should be such a source of sadness for them and for Caesar. They all praise him as noble. Caesar expresses his regret that this has happened, calling Antony a brother and a partner. An Egyptian enters, asking Caesar to send word of what he wants from Cleopatra. Caesar tells him that his people will soon go to Cleopatra, and not to worry, for he will be gentle. The Egyptian thanks him and leaves. Caesar sends Proculeius and Gallus to Cleopatra, to take care of her in her grief and to tell her that they mean her no shame. He calls for Dolabella, remembers that he had sent him to Antony, and exits to his tent.

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