Act 3, Scene 12 Notes from Antony and Cleopatra

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Antony and Cleopatra Act 3, Scene 12

Caesar enters with Agrippa, Dolabella, and several others. A messenger has arrived from Antony; Dolabella announces the messenger as Antony's schoolmaster, and says that the fact that his messenger is a mere teacher, when not so long ago he had sent kings for messengers, means that Antony is truly out of power.

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The Ambassador enters, and speaks Antony's will: he requests to live in Egypt, and if this is not granted, he would like to live in Athens. Cleopatra, moreover, admits that Caesar is all-powerful and asks that he give her heirs control over the Ptolemies. He will not grant Antony's request, but says that if Cleopatra will drive Antony from Egypt, he will hear her petition. The Ambassador leaves with an escort from Caesar. Caesar tells Thidias to go to Cleopatra and take her away from Antony. He gives Thidias permission to promise anything in order to get her, and muses how Antony will bear his disgrace once he has Cleopatra taken away from him.

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