Act 3, Scene 6 Notes from Antony and Cleopatra

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Antony and Cleopatra Act 3, Scene 6

Agrippa, Maecenas, and Caesar enter the scene in Rome. Caesar tells the other two what has been happening in Egypt; Antony has returned there to rule with Cleopatra, and made her queen not only of Egypt but of Syria, Cyprus, and Lydia. He has made their sons Alexander and Ptolemy the kings of other countries as well. Maecenas and Agrippa say that when the Roman people find out about this, they will lose all good opinion of him; Caesar says that they already know, and that Antony accuses him of denying him his share of Sicily, borrowing ships and not returning them, and requests that he take all of Lepidus's wealth and depose him. Caesar says that he will fulfill these requests in return for part of Antony's conquered territories. Maecenas says that Antony will never agree to these terms.

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Octavia enters with her attendants. Caesar is surprised to see her, and tells her that the wife of Antony should enter with an army when coming to see him. He is upset that she has not shown any love for him. She tells him that she came of her own will, not forced by Antony; in fact, she had to ask for his permission to return home after he told her what had happened. Caesar says that he is not surprised Antony granted permission, since with his wife out of the way it is one less obstacle to being with Cleopatra. Octavia thinks Antony is in Athens, but Caesar informs her that he is in Egypt with Cleopatra. Octavia laments that her heart is split in two between the two men, and Caesar takes pity on her and welcomes her back to Rome, as do Maecenas and Agrippa. Caesar rejoices that his sister has come back to him.

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